On Tuesday, March 18th  the House Civil Justice Subcommittee will be voting on discriminatory and harmful legislation that will negatively impact Florida's families and faith communities, House Bill 903, the "Anti-Foreign Law Bill."

You need to tell your Representative that this bill is bad for faith, bad for family, and bad for Florida. Please don't put this off -- by raising our voices now, we can stop this legislation in its tracks!

These Tallahassee politicians are wasting time and tax dollars trying to pass a bill to fix an imaginary problem - They are claiming that foreign law is invading our country, creeping into our court system and overruling the Constitution and laws.

HB 903 is discriminatory and threatening to Florida family life. It could also damage Florida businesses and our international contracts. The sponsors of the bill can't even point to a single case of foreign law infiltrating the court system anywhere in the United States.

This legislation has come close to passing in 2012 and 2013, but with your support we have been able to stop it. We're counting on that support one more time to keep this bill from passing. There is obviously no place for it in our state.

Click the button below to tell your State Representative to reject this disruptive and unnecessary legislation. It is only through our collective effort, that we can protect our families and communities.


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