Tuesday, 07 February 2023

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C Community Engagement Advisory Committee

Community Engagement Advisory Committee Application

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To serve, enrich, and represent the Tampa community by engaging the community with CAIR Florida initiatives and projects and connecting CAIR Florida with the community, its issues, concerns, and needs.  To be a forum and first base of contact with the community, for those within it and those without. To identify opportunities for improvement in community spaces and institutions. To build relationships between the diverse individuals and institutions that comprise our community and CAIR Florida. To foster and enhance community.

CAIR Florida invites everyone with an interest in serving the Tampa Bay community to apply for membership in our newly developed Community Engagement Advisory Committee. 

The Community Engagement Advisory Committee will exist primarily to advise CAIR Florida on the unique issues of the Tampa Bay community, to suggest appropriate ways to foster community involvement, and to engage the diverse elements of the community directly with CAIR Florida initiatives and projects.  Committee members are essentially representatives of the community, both to CAIR Florida and to Tampa at large.

As the inaugural members, you will have the opportunity to help us develop the committee to best serve our community.  However, as we envision it, there are six basic roles that Committee members, once inducted, should play.

Committee members should:

  • be actively engaged in their community
  • foster relationships within the community on behalf of CAIR Florida
  • encourage involvement in community activities and volunteerism
  • serve as CAIR Florida’s ambassador’s to their community
  • serve as ambassadors of their community to CAIR Florida
  • support CAIR Florida in engaging the right voices for projects, initiatives, and campaigns

All members of the Tampa Bay community who are 16 years of age or older and are able to serve for one full year are encouraged to apply.  In the interest of continuity, committee members must attend 8 of the 12 yearly meetings.  Membership in the Committee holds for one year, but interested individuals are highly encouraged to re-apply.

If you are interested in applying please follow this link.  Thank you for interest and commitment to serving our community!



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