Strengthening our Community During Challenging Times [Lauchgood Campaign & New Video]

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CAIR-Florida Is Counting On You! #LetsStickTogether this #Ramadan2020 
Watch our NEW Video CAIR-FL 2020 Vision & Support our Lauchgood Campaign!

CAIR-Florida Is Counting On You! #LetsStickTogether In Ramadan 2020

We are making a sincere call for your support, as it is needed now more than ever! We have a current goal of $500,000 so we can uninterruptedly continue our operations of serving and protecting you.

Farther Apart But In This Together: Working to Protect Our Community

With the emergence of COVID-19, this Ramadan will look and feel significantly different and somewhat challenging for all of us.  As we collectively learn to navigate through these changes, we want you to know that one thing has not changed –  our work.




The need for our services has in fact increased during this global pandemic and our operations have continued uninterruptedly. Your contribution will allow us to APPEAR for you.


A: Advocate, via pro-bono legal representation

P: Prevent discrimination by educating those in positions of power

P: Protect, by teaching how to protect oneself through Know Your Rights

E: Empower communities to take action and change unjust systems

A: Activate  individuals to fulfill their civic duties

R: Represent the Muslim-American community by challenging stereotypes.


 Your Support Will Help Us:

1. Maintain our Virtual Offices and IT Environment during the COVID19 pandemic.

2. Continue providing our Know Your Rights Training series to hundreds of students, employees, and travelers. 

3. Continue our outreach and strong presence in local, national, and international media outlets.

4. Continue to provide voter registration drives, voter education,  and  #GetOutTheVote #GOTV campaigns. 

5. Keep assisting and legally representing all Florida residents in our communities on civil rights and immigration matters.  This includes around 25% of our legal clients that are our non-Muslim neighbors!

6. Continue to provide training to our State and local law enforcement agencies. 

7. Continue answering calls from mothers whose children are being cyber-bullied during these COVID-19 pandemic times. 

9. Continue to provide free and immediate legal representation for individuals being visited and/or harassed by CBP, USCIS, FBI or other federal law enforcement agencies.

10. Continue our production of videos, printed materials,  and social media content.


About CAIR-Florida

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a federation of legally independent, governed, and managed chapters across the country that work together to defend the Civil Liberties of Americans. CAIR National is the founding organization and has its own Board of Directors, as do each of the chapters across the country. All of the CAIR chapters' board members, employees, and volunteers represent the diversity of the American-Muslim community.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida, Inc. (CAIR-Florida, Inc.), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was established in 2001 to challenge stereotypes of Islam and Muslims and defend civil liberties. CAIR-Florida Inc has five offices: Tampa, South Florida (Sunrise), Orlando, Ft. Myers, and Panama City.


Lastly....a big THANK YOU for your continued support from the CAIR-FL team!

Shari Akram, Hiba Rahim, Taj Murphy, Sarah Anderson, Norma Henning, Begüm Becerik, Bob Sichta, Hassan Shibly, Nadim Modi, Silvia Nagi, Rania Ghonim, Lara Ghannam, Thania Diaz Clevenger, Bilal Abdurrashid, Ahmed Khan and not pictured: Wilfredo A. Ruiz, Omar Saleh, Safiah Khan, Raniah El-Gendi, Shawn Sheikh, Nathaly Osorio, Patricia Vicars, Ashley Furlong, and AlaEldean Almunaier.

CAIR-Florida Is Counting On You! #LetsStickTogether this #Ramadan2020
Watch our NEW Video  <CAIR-FL 2020 Vision> & support us!


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