Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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CAIR-Florida's 18th Annual Banquets

Have you bought your tickets for our annual banquets yet? You don't want to miss them! We have an array of distinguished speakers that are ready to empower our leaders, youth, and elders. JOIN US: Panama City: bit.ly/PCBanquet2018 Orlando:…

Law Enforcement Trainings

CAIR-Florida provides Islam 101 sessions for law enforcement officials to help them understand Islam, encourage dialogue, and promote justice for American Muslims.

Safety and Security Trainings

CAIR-Florida provides safety trainings to help the community understand their rights to personal safety and to provide tools to improve or create safety plans for centers of worship. To learn about our Safety Training sessions or to schedule a session for…

Islam 101

Ignorance often leads to misunderstanding which leads to fear which causes hatred which may result in discrimination, harassment and even violence. Thus CAIR-Florida's Islam 101 program hopes to bridge the community together through dialog and understanding.

Know Your Rights

CAIR-Florida organizes ‘Know Your Rights’ workshops in various mosques, colleges, Islamic centers, etc. in the state of Florida. The purpose of these workshops is to inform and educate people about their rights and duties as American Muslims. We will tell you…

CAIR-FL Learning Institute Presents ''Developing Cultural Competency : Caring for Muslim Patients"

Developing Cultural Competency: Caring for Muslim Patients The Council on American Islamic Relations Florida introduces CAIR Florida Learning Institute: a new series of professional development education and workshops for organizations committed to diversity.…