Saturday, 04 February 2023

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More than 30 Tampa Bay elected officials & candidates stood in solidarity with our #FightForJustice

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(11/23/2019, Tampa, Fla.) Times are changing! Dozens of elected officials and candidates for office- a record number - were proud to join the CAIR Florida annual banquet in Tampa to stand in solidarity with our fight to end Islamophobia and protecting justice and civil rights for all. The increase in Islamophobia emanating from the White House has translated to greater support locally. Special thanks to all who have helped make CAIR-FL a premier civil rights organization that local government representatives cannot help but respect. Their respect was earned by strong zealous advocacy to defend the rights of victims of discrimination from the courtroom to the newsroom. It was earned by holding those in power accountable! Through that, every year we see more and more people of different faiths and backgrounds standing with us!

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