Tuesday, 07 February 2023

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CAIR-Florida holds candlelight vigil in Panama City to remember victims of New Zealand shooting

By WJHG/WECP, For WJHG/WECP, On 17 March 2019, Read Original
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - One local organization brought the community together for a candlelight vigil to remember those who lost their lives in the shooting that killed 49 in Christchurch, New Zealand Friday. Local Muslims and others from different backgrounds came out to the candlelight vigil Friday. Hiba Rahim with the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Florida (CAIR-Florida) said the ceremony was a demonstration of solidarity against hate. During the ceremony, people lit their candles and circled together. Members from the community gave speeches to encourage others to be strong and pray for the victims and their families. Rahim says terrorism divides people but we are stronger together. "Regardless of who you are, I understand you may be afraid. I guarantee you that if you have one conversation with someone you perceive to be different you'll find so many similarities and understand that we can connect on so many fronts," said Rahim. After the ceremony, members of CAIR encouraged everyone there to meet someone they haven't met before. Rahim said the vigil is also an opportunity to unite everyone and spread love through the community.


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