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CAIR worries how NY attack will dictate treatment of Muslim community

By Mike Magnoli, For CBS12.com , On 02 November 2017, Read Original
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Following Tuesday's attack in Lower Manhattan, CBS12 News met with CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations) in their Sunrise, Florida office .

We had a candid conversation about reaction, religion and rejecting the suspect as a true Muslim.


"This is an attack against us as well," said Wilfredo Ruiz, head of communications for CAIR. During our interview, Ruiz pointed out that he wore the uniform of the United States Navy, that he and his family are regular cyclists, so he is disgusted and hurt that a bike path was targeted, and he says the Islamic-Americans he knows are outraged by Tuesdays truck attack in New York.

"This type of crimes bring to our mind Charlottesville and Las Vegas, but when the perpetrator of these crimes is a Muslim there is a deep inquiry as to his customs, as to who he associated with as a Muslim, and that is very worrisome," Ruiz added.

So much so, Ruiz says when news broke there had been an attack, he and friends and loved ones prayed the driver was not a Muslim. They were texting about it and calling each other.

"Because we know that is, that will determine how our community will be treated and its like, 'is this another time? Another stereotype?' " Ruiz said.

Omar Mateen.

The 9/11 hijackers flight training in Florida.

We asked, 'Are Florida Muslims aware of these Florida tied cases, even though unrelated, are concerning?'

"Yes," Ruiz answered, but Ruiz says the Muslims he represents, feel those extremists do not represent their views or true Islam.

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