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CAIR reacts to FOX 46 investigation, calls allegations of racism "despicable"

By Matthew Grant, For Fox46, On 17 August 2018, Read Original
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 - The Council on American-Islamic Relations is demanding action following a FOX 46 investigation.

"The fact a supervisor in the air marshals is directing air marshals to follow black people is alarming and its despicable," said Gadeir Abbas, the senior litigation attorney for CAIR. 


CAIR is calling for the firing a federal employee after three former air marshals told FOX 46 on Tuesdasy they were told to target "black people" using the "n-word" in the late aughts at Orlando International Airport. 

"He told us to stop and talk to the black people, get the black people," said former air marshal Steve Theodoropoulos. "Because they're the ones who have warrants. But he didn't use 'the black people' he used the n-word."

On its website, and in a nationwide news release, CAIR is now calling for the "immediate dismissal" of that federal employee, who is now a Transportation Security Manager at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport in Sanford, Fla., according to the TSA. 

"Traveling while black or Muslim is not a threat and should not be considered suspicious," said CAIR-Florida civil rights attorney Omar Saleh. "The numerous reports of TSA supervisors using race as a perceived security risk is troubling but not surprising."

The TSA denies tracking people based on race or religion.

"For years there has been the phenomenon of flying while Muslim," said Abbas.

This all comes a week after CAIR filed a lawsuit against the government on behalf of 20 Muslims who they say were improperly placed on a watch list. 

"We think the government approach to aviation security has, ultimately in the final analysis, relied upon vulgar guilt by association approaches that don't make us any safer and result, inevitably, in the targeting of minorities."

The TSA employee did not return a phone call seeking comment.

The three former air marshals say they will file a new complaint with the TSA. 

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