Sunday, 27 November 2022

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Impact through the Chaos: A Look Back at 2021

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As-salaam Alaykum and greetings
Dear Brothers, Sisters, Partners, and Supporters:
Even though 2021 was tough and the CAIR-Florida team endured great moments of adversity, we still achieved so much with the help of Allah and your support. We continued to build on our successes of the past 20 years.
Your dedication to CAIR-FL’s life-changing mission enabled us to remain active as the first line of defense for members of our community when confronted with anti- Muslim bigotry, whether that be in the form of an individual subjected to a violation of rights, a mosque subjected to vandalism or discriminatory permit denials, travelers subjected to unfair restrictions, or our community subjected to false narratives of Islamophobia. 
As we begin 2022, I invite you to look back at a few of our achievements that you helped us accomplish: 
Civil Rights 
  • 507 community members contacted our Civil Rights department for assistance. 
  • Appeal court win and attorney fee order against Islamophobe Laura Loomer, who sued CAIR in 2019. 
  • Filed a federal lawsuit against Florida Department of Corrections for its failure to allow our client to practice his faith – Watson v FDC. 
  • Our advocacy work for Nahla E., who was accosted for her Islamic appearance inside of a Walgreen’s in Fort Lauderdale- the story went viral gaining worldwide attention. 
  • Handled several FBI inquires on behalf of our Florida Muslim clients, avoiding unrepresented interviews in the community.


  • Helped 15 Afghan clients, had 9 green cards approved.
  • Had 18 clients take the oath of citizenship
  • 2 clients were granted asylum
Programs and Outreach 
  • Across Florida, we led with 60 high-impact Islam-101 diversity trainings for schools, hospitals, law enforcement, and refugee organizations and 11 Know Your Rights workshops. 
  • Held 25 elected official meetings for legislative advocacy and met with the top office of the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) for the first time. 
  • Delivered 24 khutbahs (Friday sermon) and 80 tabling events and 251 community/partner joint meetings and sponsored community events. 
  • Launched our 5-in-5 strategic plan with small gatherings and meetings with communities across the state to share and listen to feedback. 
  • Celebrated 20-years of service in our virtual gala.
  • Launched CAIR-FL in 90 Sec., our weekly update series, reached 20,000 viewers in less than 6 months. 
  • Featured in over 1,000 media outlets’ articles, stories, and news mentions; and issued 15 press releases that were reported by local, state, and national media outlets. 
  • Estimated dollar value of CAIR-Florida media coverage in 2021 is $8.14 Million. [Meltwater Media Intelligence Solutions professional media research tool was used calculating the estimated dollar value of CAIR-Florida media coverage during 2021. Measurements are estimates, not exact value)] 
In summary, CAIR-Florida continues to be our community’s only institutional civil rights defense and advocacy organization, both in terms of shaping public opinion and providing free legal representation. 
Your support helped us bring families together by helping those who were separated by their immigration status get citizenship, asylum, or other remedies. Your support helped us file lawsuits on behalf of individuals who had been discriminated against in their workplace, school, by law enforcement, or by the general public. Your support helped us proactively address these issues before they even arose through our educational, policy, and organizing initiatives. 
Thank you for helping us to achieve so much in 2021!
May your reward be in this life and the next.
With sincerity,
Abdullah Jaber
Executive Director, CAIR-Florida

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