Tuesday, 07 February 2023

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Our Work, Your Engagement


CAIR-FL is on a mission to Protect, Advocate, and Educate for a safer and more secure State of Florida for All.

"CAIR-FL, through your support, has become a model organization for people who look up to us as a beacon of hope, a beacon of justice. All we embody is the idea that being a Muslim or a friend of the Muslim community will naturally make you an ally to stand strong for justice, to stand strong for compassion, for peace, for equity, for humanity. "

- Hassan Shibly, Chief Executive Director


  • Over 200 School, Hospice, & HR administrators trained
  • 120+ staff hours on training & presenting
  • CAIR-FL education services valued at over $15,000


  • Over 200 Jails/Prisons in FL
  • 200,000 people in FL Prisons, over 2,000 Muslims
  • US has highest incarceration rate in the world
  • 117 requests and cases processed through the Muslim Inmate Advocacy Program
  • Demand for religious accommodation policy changes sent to over 200 facilities in Florida


  • 456 Cases opened
  • 835 Calls to CAIR-FL for support
  • Over $2M in legal services provided
  • 10 Attorneys on staff

CAIR-FL is grateful and honored to have supporters like YOU. Renew your gift of HOPE with an end of year gift.

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[email protected]

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Call 833-224-7352

Mailing Address
8076 N 56th St., Tampa, FL 33617 (Main Office)