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Hallandale Official Who Claimed Congresswoman Tlaib Might 'Blow Up' Capitol is Reprimanded

By By Dave Herndon, For PRESS & GUIDE, On 29 January 2019, Read Original
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The Florida politician who moved to have U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-13th District) removed from office is being reprimanded.

Annabelle Lima-Taub, a city commissioner in Hallandale Beach, Florida, signed a petition to remove Tlaib from office. Later that same week, she shared a post on her Facebook page calling the freshman representative a “danger,” saying she might “blow up” the U.S. Capitol.


Now she is being reprimanded for her comments.

A resolution put together by several other commissioners in Hallandale Beach reprimands Lima-Taub for bigotry. The reprimand, while public, won’t affect her status on the commission.


"Xenophobic stereotypes must not be embraced by any elected official," CAIR-Florida’s Communications Director Wilfredo Ruiz said in a statement to the HuffPost. "Her un-American, xenophobic statements establish that she is unfit to hold the commissioner’s seat. She must apologize immediately and follow up that apology with her resignation."

Tlaib tweeted about the situation, blaming Trump for the state of the country that made Lima-Taub comfortable enough to make the statement.

“This sort of hateful anti-Muslim rhetoric doesn’t happen in a vacuum - this President embraced it and Republicans have happily gone along with it,” Tlaib tweeted.



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