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It’s #WorkLikeAGirl Wednesday!: Girls Inc of Bay County Highlights CAIR-Florida's Hiba Rahim

By Girls Inc of Bay County, For Girls Inc of Bay County, On 07 February 2019, Read Original
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It’s Work Like A Girl Wednesday and we are honored to highlight Hiba Rahim. Hiba is the North Florida Regional Coordinator for CAIR Florida in Bay County. CAIR Florida is a civil rights organization with a mission to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims. Hiba's position focuses on cultural sensitivity training and education within our community. Her work is incredibly rewarding and exceedingly vital. In her words, “We can’t be a community that lives peacefully together if we don’t understand each other.”

As the daughter of political refugees who fled to the United States from Syria in the 1980’s, Hiba concludes that her career chose her and not the other way around. She was raised to value freedom and justice and her empathetic nature and sense of responsibility toward those in need were fostered from a very early age. Her parents encouraged her to speak up, get educated and be the change that she wanted to see in the world. She even remembers writing President George H. W. Bush when she was 9 years old pleading with him to send help to those caught in the turmoil in Bosnia. 

Hiba received her undergraduate degree from Florida State University in 2001 and two short years later, at the age of 20, had her Master’s Degree in International Affairs from FSU as well. She hit the ground running and has been continuing the work of her 9 year old self ever since. She’s made it her mission to put herself in places and situations to be met and understood and to meet and understand others. She has found a way “to be comfortable with being uncomfortable” in the name of promoting peace and common ground in our community. Hiba is more than a role model for young girls with her absolute Work Like A Girl mentality. It is our sincerest hope that all listen when she says, “Make it your goal to make a difference in this world.”



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