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Central Florida Muslims to Protest Donald Trump Rally in Orlando

By Renata Sago, For WMFE, On 07 March 2016, Read Original
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As thousands of Donald Trump supporters rally inside Orlando’s CFE Arena tomorrow, central Florida’s Muslims and other community leaders are expected to protest the Republican presidential front runner outside. Trump will be in town stumping to win Florida’s March 15th winner-take-all G.O.P. presidential primary. But protesters are hoping to hold the candidate accountable for his controversial comments about Muslims and other minorities ahead of the race.

The billionaire businessman-turned-politician has claimed Mexican rapists are being sent to United States. He has mocked a disabled journalist and insulted a Black Lives Matter protester.

Local community organizer and Arab American Rasha Mubarak says his call for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” has added fuel to the fire.

“He’s really putting not only Muslims or anyone that looks Muslim in danger, but really our national security. It’s his words and his commentary that have induced many hate crimes across the country and locally.”

The protest, originally organized by University of Central Florida’s Muslim students, is expected to be peaceful. Protesters will hold signs across the street from the Trump rally. Central Florida’s Council on American-Islamic Relations has warned them to be vigilant before, during, and after the candidate’s rally.

Protesters will gather across the street from the arena starting at 8 a.m.

Following the Trump event, members of central Florida’s Muslim community will also gather at Lake Eola to rally against Islamophobia and terrorism.

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