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CAIR opposes Florida bill it says targets human rights defenders

By Sean Kinane, For WMNF, On 02 February 2016, Read Original
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Laila Abdelaziz, CAIR Florida's Legislative and Government Affairs Director


A bill in the Florida Legislature would sanction groups that organize boycotts of or divestment from Israel or from companies that contribute to alleged human rights abuses in Israel and Palestine. But HB 527 isopposed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR. Our guest on MidPoint, Laila Abdelaziz, is legislative and government affairs director at CAIR-Florida. 

Abdelaziz spoke out against that bill during public comment in January.

Last month the University of South Florida student government Senate overwhelmingly passed a resolution to pull the university’s investments from companies involved in human rights violations against Palestinians. Even before the SG President vetoed the resolution, USF administration promised to to reject the students once again on this issue. Opponents of the USF student government bill said they were concerned about the Tallahassee bill.

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