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ICNA joins community to denounce the Orlando killings

By Staff, For ICNA Relief, On 15 June 2016, Read Original
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June 13, 2016, Fort Pierce, Florida – In a press conference at the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, the local Muslim community denounced the attacks in Orlando yesterday.

The Imam of the Center Imam Shafiqur Rehaman, attorney Omar Saleh from the Council of Islamic American Relations and Abdur Rauf Khan from ICNA Florida Chapter spoke among others.

The event was well attended by local, national, and international media. The organizers issued a press statement, spoke to the media and answered media queries.

ICNA condemned the attack in Orlando as “barbaric” and its representative AbdurRauf Khan said “we join our fellow Americans in condemning this act of violence… regardless of motives and faith of the killer." He added “We offer our condolence to the families for their great loss from this tragic event.”

All local and state law enforcement agencies, interfaith organizations and Islamic Centers were also in attendance at the packed session.

On Sunday afternoon, the LGBT and Interfaith community invited the Florida Muslim Community to attend an interfaith event and press conference. Islamic center representatives, Imams, Muslim organizations like Cosmos, Emerge USA, CAIR, MDC and ICNA participated.



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