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Black Lives Matter rally held in Orlando

By Summer Knowles, For Welsh 2 News, On 06 February 2017, Read Original
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Hundreds of people gathered at Lake Eola Friday night for a Black Lives Matter rally.

They were calling for justice after a local woman claimed she was the victim of a hate crime.

Hundreds of community organizers, activists and local residents gathered to show solidarity against what they call injustice -- whether it's police brutality or violence in certain communities that some believe goes unchecked.

"Every 27 hours, an unarmed black person is killed by police and that is unacceptable," said local resident Shawnie Hulcomb, who said she is motivated not only to participate in the march, but also felt the need to bring her young daughter.

"I want her to know the world needs to be better than it is now and to work towards that," Hulcomb said.

Friday night's march focused on Pine Hills and the fact that some residents said living in fear has become a way of life. They said despite the effort by Orlando police and the Orange County Sheriff's Office in launching Operation RISE, an initiative to combat crime which has resulted in 180 arrests, not everyone feels that is a solution.

"You're just duplicating the weed and seed program from 1991. It's nothing new, and it (does not) work," said a local resident who attended the rally. "No, you are not making us safe if you are policing by fear and intimidation."

An official number of participants was not yet released, however it appeared that 250 people attended the rally.

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