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Trump administration creates office to strip citizenship from naturalised Americans

By By Sheren Khalel, For Middle East Eye, On 28 February 2020, Read Original
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Rights groups say office creates two-tier system turning naturalised immigrants into second-class citizens



The Trump administration has been accused of "weaponising" the Department of Justice (DOJ) after a new office was established to investigate immigrants who may have lied during their application for US citizenship.

The DOJ said on Wednesday that the new office would focus on rooting out "terrorists, war criminals, sex offenders, and other fraudsters" that obtained US citizenship "under false pretenses".

It said that when an investigation leads to evidence of immigration fraud, the office will lead the legal battle to strip the naturalised American's citizenship.

The move was immediately criticised by human rights advocates, who said it was aimed at creating a two-tier system, with naturalised immigrants made to look like second-class citizens. ...

Protection of white supremacy'

While the new office was supported by some Republican lawmakers, civil rights advocates are worried the move could be used to target vulnerable communities of colour. 

Hassan Shibly, who heads the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Florida, told Middle East Eye that he sees the new office as a tool created specifically to aid a right-wing effort to sustain the US's shrinking white majority.  

"The office is an attempt to institutionalise the protection of white supremacy in the USA by targeting communities of colour, which pose a demographic political threat to this racist administration," Shibly told MEE. 

Read Full Story: https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/trump-us-department-justice-naturalised-immigrants-strip-citizenship 

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