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Antie Najwa calls for Registering and Voting by Mail

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Dearies …. this is serious – we need all eligible voters to make their voices heard this year.  All hands on deck … sitting this election out is not an option.  The safety, prosperity, and wellness of our communities and those of our brothers and sisters are literally at stake.  And to think you can make a change in your bunny slippers and pajamas right from your home!  (Just don’t send pictures.)  

Voting by Mail is the easiest and best way to make sure your vote is counted.  What if the virus shuts everything down again? What if your car breaks down on election day?  What if you are not comfortable with the people you see at your polling place and you’re afraid to go in?  Don’t be discouraged – VOTE BY MAIL.  You can take the time to look up every candidate for school board, district attorney, all those positions that have a huge impact on your life.  

Signing up for VOTE BY MAIL is easy and quick.  And if – by the grace of God – COVID-19 has disappeared, the sun is shining, your car is running and there are no intimidating people at the polls – go in personally.  But with Vote BY Mail, YOU DON’T HAVE TO.  

Remember you have only 20days left to register to vote for the upcoming primary election. Take a few minutes to register and request Vote by Mail… here’s the link! www.registertovoteflorida.gov/home

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