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Is voting by mail fraudulent?

By Norma Henning, Esq.; CAIR-FL Government Affairs Coordinator, For , On 17 August 2020, Read Original
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Many of us have been scratching our heads at President Trump’s sudden endorsement of Voting By Mail in the state of Florida. Suddenly - but only in Florida - absentee voting is not a fraudulent scheme concocted by China?  Is this a sudden acknowledgment of the integrity of the voting process?  Are we going to stop lying about voter fraud? Not likely. 

It’s more likely that our President has figured out that his conspiracy theories may deter a faithful section of his base that has historically helped tip the scales for conservatives:  Voters, who actually live elsewhere but register Florida domicile to avoid creditors and taxation in their actual home states. And apparently, most of those voters align themselves with “conservative” values. Go figure.

Florida actively courts these people by encouraging wealthy snowbirds to register to vote in Florida as a way to avoid paying their debts and taxes in their home states. Just google “Registering Florida Domicile” and you will see an entire industry making a living off this scheme. Declaration of domicile and asset protection so your creditors and public programs in your home state don’t get a penny of your cash. To achieve this, armies of tax and estate planners assist wealthy people from states like Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, NY to create the fiction of having “moved” to Florida.  It’s all the rage at the country club where you can find friends to help celebrate your success.  There’s even a checklist for factors: buy a winter home, register your cars, and register to vote. Check, check, and check.  Even an RV registration helps to get you there … as long as you keep a straight face.

We may not have obvious seasons in Florida, but you know it’s fall when you see car haulers filled with cars with Florida license plates coming back from up North while their owners fly in.  That’s when the winter season – or rather election season – brings scores of “Florida voters” to their winter domicile just in time for the elections.  At least that was until the pandemic struck, and Florida – God’s Waiting Room - became its epicenter.

Given a choice between risking death in Florida or taxation in Massachusetts, conservative snowbirds apparently decided to opt for the lesser evil, and that decision must have sent ripples through conservative circles in Florida. The irony of the dilemma is obvious: How do you get fake Floridians to cast their fraudulent votes by legitimate mail while - at the same time – telling legitimate voters that voting by mail is fraudulent?  Leave it to our stable genius for having found a way around all that cognitive dissonance by carving out an exception for the Sunshine State. I guess – at least for now - it is what it is. 

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