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Election 2020: Winter Haven's Killebrew faces allegations against character in District 41 race

By Kimberly C. Moore, For The Ledger, On 14 October 2020, Read Original
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WINTER HAVEN — The race for Florida House District 41, which encompasses eastern Polk County, pits incumbent Rep. Sam Killebrew, R-Winter Haven, against political newcomer Jared West, the Democratic candidate from Davenport.  

While Killebrew views himself as a centrist who has worked across party lines, campaign literature he's issued is typical “liberal” versus “conservative” rhetoric, while West is fighting back with accusations of his opponent being, among other allegations, a bigot.


Killebrew said last week that he's still apologetic for sharing that post. On Oct. 1, he shared a photo on his Facebook page of himself with representatives from the Council on American-Islamic Relations. CAIR officials told The Ledger they appreciated the meeting with Killebrew, which he initiated.

"We have discussed this past comment with Representative Killebrew, both when it occurred and within the past couple of weeks. He not only expressed apologies then, and reiterated them now, he was also proactive in reaching out to our team," said Lara Abu Ghannam, regional coordinator for CAIR Central Florida. "Representative Killebrew ... is willing to work together to create a more inclusive, understanding, and respectful state and country. Islam teaches us to be forgiving and that is the practice we are following here. Encouraging dialogue and growth — something our country needs more of."


Full Article:  https://www.theledger.com/story/news/politics/elections/candidate-profiles/2020/10/14/election-2020-killebrew-faces-allegations-against-character-district-41-race/5946050002/ 

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