Sunday, 04 December 2022

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CAIR-Florida Family Wishes everyone a Blessed Eid Al Adha!

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From our CAIR-Family to Yours: Blessed Eid Al Adha... Eid Mubarak!

Eid al-Adha symbolizes the sacrifice Abraham was willing to make by sacrificing his son. Despite his great love for his son, Abraham chose God over everything else. The command to slaughter one’s child was limited to Abraham, but the lessons to be drawn from it remain valid for others. In our lives, we will be faced with choices and we must be willing to make sacrifices for God and the truth. We must sometimes give up what we love, something fun, or something we think is good for us and choose something better for the sake of pleasing God. The word Islam means submission and a true Muslim is one who submits to God and puts God before his or her wants and desires. It is this strength, purity of heart, and sacrifice that God wants to see from us. Humans will always make mistakes, but if God sees the effort on our party, He will forgive those mistakes and shower us with His love and compassion.

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