Sunday, 04 December 2022

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Words Without Actions are Meaningless [*from the desk of Exec. Director Abdullah Jaber]

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As-salaam Alaykum and greetings

Dear brothers, sisters, partners, and supporters:

Since joining as Executive Director, I’ve been reflecting on the last 5 months of CAIR-Florida’s growth. I joined at a time of transition and challenges at our doorstep. I understood the important questions surrounding us and the greater Muslim community. I know we need to always stand up for justice for every individual—including every woman, mother, and daughter. 

Women serve as leaders and the backbone of our communities. It is our religious and moral obligation to ensure that we uplift and advocate for them at every turn. We must rise up to the occasion every day to protect women from discrimination and harassment.

That’s why our team has renewed our original mission for service and justice through the empowerment of our team. We are holding ourselves to an even higher standard than before. That includes:

  • Giving our entire staff a voice on improving our organization from the inside out.
  • Invited experts outside the organization to help improve our reporting, accountability, and ethical guidelines to ensure we can keep doing the best for all staffers. We’ve also introduced a 3rd party hotline to allow staff to report any forms of discrimination. 
  • Improving our standard operating procedures including updating our employee handbook and policies, making it clear that we are working together as a team.
  • Uniting our team under the CAIR-Florida mission through renewed internal training. This included addressing gender bias, workplace discrimination, and transparency with open dialog.

I believe in CAIR-Florida’s mission every day and I am humbled by our team’s constant efforts to fight for justice—inside and outside the organization. The culture of CAIR-Florida is defined by every hard-working individual inside our walls, across all our chapters in Florida. Our 20 years of service is a commitment to serving you always.

I know—without action, words are meaningless. Your trust is important and we thank you for that every single day. We can’t do our work here at CAIR-Florida without you. We will continue to improve only through your honest feedback. I invite you to email me personally and reach out to let us know how we are doing.

May Allah always allow us to strive on the side of good and forbid the wrongdoing. Thank you for your kindness. 

Yours—in solidarity,    

Abdullah Jaber
Executive Director | CAIR-Florida 

P.S. Take a moment to learn more about our 20 years of service. Visit to learn more. 

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